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Eco-friendly • Vegan and Halal-certified • Unique residual biocidal efficacy • Odourless & non-toxic • Pet & animal-friendly including marine life • Safely encapsulates & removes spores- Penetrates to the root


Mould Remover & Preventer

Liquipak mould remover efficiently treats contaminated areas and whole rooms to decrease the possibility of re-colonisation. Its powerful formula encapsulates and removes mould spores from multiple surfaces and offers excellent residual biocidal efficacy.

no bleach | Non-acidic | non-caustic

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Green Cleaner Extreme

Green Cleaner Extreme is a powerful, concentrated solution created to effectively remove mould and algae from outdoor surfaces and patios. 5 Litres of the product can cover up to 20 m2, and its spray-and-go formula demands no rinsing with results within 2-3 days.


Our Story

At Liquipak, we specialize in powerful cleaning agents that get the job done!

What began as a collection of just five British-manufactured products, has become a comprehensive range of cleaning products for households, outdoor spaces, gardens, vehicles, hand care, and industrial applications. We're proud to offer over 35 top-quality products and counting, all designed to meet your cleaning needs.

Last year alone, we successfully delivered over 113,000 products—and we're still growing! With an average delivery time of just one working day, we're committed to providing you with the best service!

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How to use


Use Liqui-Bloo prior to Liqui-Rinse to effectively break down waste matter in your wastewater tank, allowing for easy removal, and reducing unpleasant odours.

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