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Isopropyl Alcohol | IPA Isopropanol 99.8% 500ml - 20Litres



Isopropanol 99.8% is used widely as a solvent and cleaning fluid. It cleans electronic devices such as contact pins, magnetic tape and disk heads such as lenses of lasers in optical disc drives. Isopropyl alcohol removes smudges, dirt, and fingerprints from phones and tablets. 

It is effective at removing residual glue from some sticky labels, glass cleaning and much more.  

Isopropyl alcohol is commonly referred to as IPA or rubbing alcohol. It is a flammable, clear, colourless liquid with a slight alcoholic odour. It possesses physical, chemical and solvency properties similar to those of ethyl alcohol, making it completely miscible with water and soluble in most organic solvents.

100% UK manufactured product.

Specification and Material Safety Data Sheet are available upon request.

Uses for Isopropyl Alcohol 99.98%  

  • A general cleaner - excellent for cleaning glass & lenses. Can be used to clean any surface. Removes light grease, oils, dirt, food stains etc. Evaporates quickly and leaves the surface squeaky clean.
  • A specialist automotive cleaner, for wiping down waxed and painted panels.
  • A specialist cleaner for computer equipment, electronic devices, contact pins, lenses of lasers in optical disc drives (DVD, CD, Blu-Ray). It removes the thermal paste of CPUs. It cleans printer heads including Thermal Transfer.
  • An anti-foamer and foam inhibitor.
  • Deodoriser for spraying into shoes to eliminate odours.
  • Rinse agents for dishwashers.
  • A solvent for diluting lacquers, PVC adhesives, dyes and printing inks.
  • A De-Icer for locks and windscreens.
  • Antifreeze
  • A fuel additive for dissolving water or ice in fuel lines.


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