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Gun Wash | Paint Thinner 1-20 Litres



Standard Thinner is a solvent for use with cellulose paints. It cleans equipment and brushes and removes excess paint. It is also used to remove sticky objects from glass and to clean vehicles from signs and graphics. 

The reason why this product is effective is that the solvent dissolves paint and reduces its viscosity, which makes it much easier for paint removal.

It offers good drying times and it is faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners.

The product is highly volatile and must be stored upright and out of the way of children.


100% UK manufactured product.

Specification and Material Safety Data Sheet are available upon request.

Suitable for

  • Cleaning painting equipment
  • Thinning of cellulose paints
  • Removal of cellulose paints
  • Degreasing and many other applications


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