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Luxurious Caravan Wash & Wax | 5-20 Litres



Liquipak Luxurious Caravan Wash & Wax is an advanced triple action formulation for the manual washing of caravan exteriors. It is a high-quality luxurious product with a pleasant fragrance.

Wash & Wax Cleans and protects all vehicles. The wax conditions the paintwork leaving it shiny.

5 Litres makes 100 litres of wash!


100% UK manufactured product.

Specification and Material Safety Data Sheet are available upon request.

Directions of use

Remove damaging grit and grime from the bodywork with a power washer or hose.

Add approximately 500ml of Wash & Wax to 10 litres of warm clean water and foam up with your hand.

Dip Sponge, wash it or brush into Wash & Wax and start on the roof and then the bonnet working your way down the vehicle finishing on the sills and wheels.

Rinse off with clean water either using a power washer or a hose pipe, then dry with chamois leather or cloth. 


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