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Liqui-Bloo & Liqui Rinse | Toilet Chemicals for Caravan



Mixed pallet: Liqui-Bloo and Liqui-Rinse. Toilet chemicals for caravan and motorhome. 

Kill germs and bacteria.

How to use:

Use Liqui-Bloo prior to Liqui-Rinse to effectively break down waste matter in your wastewater tank, allowing for easy removal, and reducing unpleasant odours.

100% UK manufactured Product, Yorkshire Based.


Liqui-Bloo is a powerful toilet fluid specially designed to be suitable for use in caravans, campers, motorhomes and boats. It quickly breaks down waste and leaves your toilet smelling fresh. 

This freshly scented fluid is non-staining and designed for use in the bottom tanks of any portable toilet system. Liqui-Bloo’s concentrated and formaldehyde-free formula is so strong that it can be diluted up to 1 in 100 parts of water, making it a cost-effective solution for your toilet. 

Suitable for 
  • Flush tanks
  • Waste tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Boat holding tanks 
Directions of use 

Dilute 1 part of toilet fluid with 100 parts of fresh water in your toilet's water tank. Use a sufficient volume to completely cover any solid matter (between 2.5-5L of the cleaner according to the size of your toilets). Leave and use the toilet as usual. Liqui-Bloo will have effectively broken down any toilet waste, whilst eradicating foul smells.


Liqui-Rinse is a powerful cleaner, which effectively disinfects, descales and deodorises toilets.

Designed for clean water tanks, fresh water flush systems, and urinals, Liqui- Rinse will even remove built upscale deposits, restoring surfaces to their original shine. Its strong deodorising formula leaves toilets clean and freshly scented, whilst removing algae and other organic matter. Liqui-Rinse is 6 times more elective than phenol at killing bacteria and preventing the spread of infection. It is also formaldehyde-free.

Directions for use:

Dilute 100mI of Liqui-Rinse with 10L of water and fill your toilet tank with the fluid.


The usual delivery time scale is 2-3 working days however, this may vary depending on your postcode and our courier's service levels. 

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