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Black Spot Preventer | 5-20 Litres



Stops black spots from returning and protects your surfaces.

Black Spot Preventer is a strong and concentrated product formulated to stop black spots from returning and to protect your surface all year round. 5 litres of the product will cover up to 50 m³.

Its unique spray and leave formula is easy to use and effective on your surfaces.

Suitable for

Black Spot Preventer is suitable for hard surfaces such as patios, tarmac, concrete, block paving, stone, steps, paths, masonry, cladding, brickwork and more!

Directions of use

This product can be diluted up to 1:3 (one part of Black Spot Preventer and three parts of water). 

With its spray and leave formula, there is no need to rinse. Black Spot Preventer will start to work immediately! You will begin to see results within 2-3 days. 

It is advisable to clean the area before use: remove any loose dirt so that the area is smooth and ready for application. Black Spot Preventer must be used on dry surfaces, with no rain forecast for the next 12 hours. Once dry, surfaces are safe for children and pets. 

To prevent black spots, it is advised to use Black Spot Preventer three times a year.

Important note 

This product contains Benzalkonium Chloride.

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Customer Reviews

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Barry Hill
it has to be frequently re-applied

I di not research the product well enough, because I did not realise that it had to be re-applied every 4 months or so.I hope that two applications a year will be sufficient, but we will have to wait and see. The price and delivery time were good