What is the best product to remove stubborn stains from my patio/driveway?

Liquipak Patio Cleaner is a specialised product for driveway and patio cleaning. However, for stubborn and hard-to-remove stains, we advise Sodium Hypochlorite. Its formula is created to remove even the most difficult marks. If you have black spots, check out our Black Spot Remover Concentrate.

What is the recommended ratio to dilute Sodium Hypochlorite?

Sodium Hypochlorite is used for more stubborn stains. The recommended dilution ratio is 5:1 however, the dilution ratio can be increased if needed.

What is Sodium Hypochlorite shelf life?

Sodium Hypochlorite shelf life is three months from opening after that, it starts losing its strength. 

Is Patio Cleaner safe to use on Indian sandstone?

Yes, Sodium Hypochlorite is generally safe to use on Indian Sandstone, however the product must be diluted and tested on a small area first to check for adverse reactions.

What is the concentration of Benzalkonium Chloride?


What is the difference between Liquipak Black Fluid and Jeyes Fluid?

Liquipak’s Black Fluid is similar is similar in function to Jeyes Fluid. Our Black Fluid has a strong and distinct fragrance that will remain after the product is washed away and will fade away over time.

Is there a reason why antibacterial hand soap is fragrance-free?

Yes, we wanted a fragrance-free soap suitable for sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a soap with perfume, please check out our Pink Hand Soap.

Can I use Carpet Extraction with cleaning machines?

Carpet Extraction is suitable for use in automatic carpet cleaners.

It is suitable to be used on any type of carpet. It is an effective deep cleaning detergent that eliminates dirt, and stubborn stains and neutralises bad odours keeping your house fresh and clean.

Do you deliver overseas?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver overseas, to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order if it has not been dispatched.

If you need any information or help please contact info@liquipak-shoponline.co.uk